YOU will create a presentation that showcases what you have learned about the lives of three influencers we have studied in this course, as well as your ability to critically analyze ILS2010: Modern Identities: 20th Century Literature and Beyond RES 34019

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  • For the voiceover, you could not add in the your voice. Please write a notes for me, I can add voiceover by myself, Just give me the script for the voice recording.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the works of selected 20th-century writers, artists, musicians, and/or psychologists and key facts about their live
  • For the this , you will create a presentation that introduces the life and works of three major influencers we have discussed in this course, including at least two writers. Your presentation should include:
    • An engaging introduction
    • Biographical information about each individual
    • Each individual’s motivations or influences
    • Each individual’s style
    • Main themes presented in each individual’s work
    • An engaging conclusion
    • A slide with Works Cited in MLA format

    In addition to submitting your presentation, you should also submit the script for your presentation, organized by slide, in a Word document.For this assignment, you will need to use software that allows you to record voiceover on each slide to present your analysis—such as VoiceThread or PowerPoint. Please see the Course Resources tab for more information about using these presentation software options.Your presentation should include 10 to 15 slides with voiceover on each slide. Your presentation should be between 15 and 20 minutes long. Please read the presentation resources before designing your presentation:

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