WU Child Development Genetics Discussion

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  • Discuss the following about your own genetics: 
    1. Discuss at least 2 of your favorite characteristics you inherited from your parents in your phenotype. (Any traits are okay: physical, cognitive or social & emotional.  For example: inherited traits such as: height, body type, curly or straight hair, temperament traits, special abilities).  Describe your perspective about the trait & it’s impact on you. Can you see from whom you inherited the trait?  (If adopted, you do not need to answer from whom you inherited the trait)
    2. Discuss & describe any conditions or diseases which run in your family, such as, high blood pressure, cancer, high cholesterol or diabetes.     
    3. Analyze & discuss how your genes may have interacted with your family cultural (family diet, exercise & typical daily health practices, preventive health care etc.) or economic (income & availability of resources) & how these may have an impact on your overall physical health. Explore the internet to find out if lifestyle choices (healthy diet, not smoking, exercise, regular health checks) may prevent a condition which runs in your family & then describe the prevention you learned about. If no conditions run in your family, then choose one condition to investigate, such as a specific cancer, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol.  Explain 1 prevention strategy for maintaining good health despite being genetically prone to a particular disease.  Share an internet link in your post with a video or article related to the prevention. 

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