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My writing topic would be : food security and GMOs foods in US. controversial about GMO foods

Need at least 7 paragraphs!!!!!!! word count: 1000


This first draft assignment asks you to think about the function and content of each paragraph of your essay (the final paper will roughly equate to 7-8 paragraphs altogether, though this will vary). Hopefully, this assignment should give you a better idea of the entire argument, and the work you need to do between this draft and the next.

Please, use the format below (so, copy and paste it into a blank Word document and fill out the blanks). Your first draft must have at least 7 paragraphs filled out to be considered complete, including the intro and conclusion. You may, of course, include more. See below for the rest of the minimum requirements.

(Please just copy and paste what’s in bold below. Do not include the above instructions or what’s in parentheses below.)

(Title) Essay 2.1 Outline

Introduction paragraph

Question at Issue (Q@I):

Reasoned Thesis (also called an enthymeme):

How will you intrigue the reader and make them want to read more? (2-3 sentences):

What groups or types of people are likely to agree with your Reasoned Thesis? (1-2 sentences):

What groups or types of people a likely to disagree with your Reasoned Thesis? (1-2 sentences):

Major Ideas or Terms That Need to be Defined For an Audience (2-4 terms/ideas, you don’t have to define, but you can)

Body Paragraph

What 1 Main Idea should the reader take away from this paragraph? (2-3 sentences):

How will Main Idea help achieve your essay’s argumentative purpose? (1-2 Sentences):

Key Evidence or Examples from Research? (to support/ explore paragraph’s major claims, 1-2 sentences):

Why Should This Paragraph Appear Here, and not somewhere else?(Explain your reasoning, 1-2 sentences):

(Repeat for at least 5 more paragraphs)


Key Points from the Essay to Summarize: (2-3 sentences)

What Questions do you want to leave your reader with? (2-3 questions)

(Optional)What aspects of your essay might lead to or require more research by others in the future?

(Optional) Is there a “call to action” about your subject that you want to make of your reader?


  • It must include a header (which include your name) and a title.
  • The outline must include 7 outline entries for essay paragraphs, including the introduction and conclusion paragraph (so, 5 body paragraphs in addition to the intro and conclusion).
  • Each entry must include all of the information requested in the format above, unless otherwise noted as “optional.”
  • It does not require a Works Cited page, but you may include one if you wish.

It’s a short list of minimum requirements, as befitting a rough draft – even a detailed outline! So, if anything feels confusing or if my expectations for this assignment are unclear, reach out ASAP. After I receive all submissions, I’ll assign peer review pairs. You’ll also receive direct feedback from me on what I think you might prioritize in your revision process.


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