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As the movie, “Collateral Beauty” (2016) deals with death and dying, which is discussed in Chapter 23 of your textbook, I wanted to give you all an extra opportunity to discuss it. To receive extra credit in the amount of 10 extra credit points in the Final Examination category (40%), please submit an essay with the minimum of 500 words that completely answers the following:

1. What is the plot of the movie?

2. How does the main character, Howard Inlet’s (played by Will Smith), mantra of Love, Time and Death relate to all human strivings
and what does it teach you about how to communicate with the ones you love or how to prioritize in life?

3. What are Insel and Roth’s recommendations to copying with dying and what was the intervention strategy used by Howard Inlet’s
friends/co-workers to assist in his grieving process? Did Howard’s friend’s intervention work and what parts of their intervention could be used to assist you or your loved ones who are grieving or stuck in their grief?

4. According to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ theory, what stage of grief is Howard in? According to Corr’s theory, what dimensions of life is he denying?

5. What does the term “Collateral Beauty” mean in the movie and how do you think it applies to the overall grieving process?

6. Name at least three take-aways from the movie and how it will help you deal with grief in yourself and others?


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