Writing about an experience that happened to you (look) at description

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Essay Requirements:

  • Length: minimum acceptable length 650 words, maximum acceptable length 1,500 words
  • Essay must be written in 1st or 3rd person
  • Attach an outline at the back of your essay
  • Essay must be in MLA format
  • Essay must be typed (handwritten essays will be given a grade of zero)
  • Peer Review:
    • Face to Face students: Bring in a typed copy in MLA format
    • Online students: follow directions in Moodle
  • Submit final draft & outline as one document in specified Moodle area on due date
  • After the deadline passes, essays receive a 10-point a day late deduction. Do not email essays.

Essay Topics:

Combine the use of both narration and description to write a memoir. Try to think of moments when something happened that was important enough to change your life. Choose one essay topic from the following list:

  1. An adventure you once experienced be it going to the mall with four kids during the holiday season where two of them were still being potty trained or deep sea diving off the coast of Australia.
  2. 9/11 in relation to your life
  3. A life experience (for example: breaking your leg skiing, failing geometry, winning a design competition, getting married, getting divorced, a trip you took, ect. )
  4. The best sports memory you have (use one memory to write the paper)
  5. A natural disaster you lived through / experienced

6. Getting lost

7. Your first day on the job

8. Your first day at college / Leaving home to go to college

9. Death of a friend or loved one

10. Delivering bad (or good) news *

Remember the idea is to place your reader there in that situation to convince me of it, so be descriptive. I will let you know now; my imagination will not do all the work you have to create the event for me.


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