Write an essay on immigration and social capital

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Sociololgy: Comparative Immigration


Please answer the following question in an essay of at least 5, typed pages (1,000-1,500 words). Make sure to provide proper documentation (footnotes, quotes, examples) for your answers. The strongest answer is one that draws on the broadest range of relevant readings and lectures.

In Return to Aztlan, the authors write that poor immigrants “may be poor in financial resources, but they are wealthy in social capital, which they can readily convert into jobs and earnings in the United States.” (171). Drawing on lectures and readings by Massey et al, Hernandez-Leon, Palmgren, Hagan, and Arar, this essay should:

(a) define social capital

(b) discuss the factors that might promote or constrain the emergence of social capital

(c) explain how and why the development of social capital facilitates migration

(d) discuss the relationship between social capital and other migration-related institutions, whether those that emerge out of the process of migration (like hometown associations) or are related to refugee resettlement


  • Double spaced
  • 12 point font (Times New Roman)
  • 5-6 pages typed (1,000 – 1,500 words)
  • MLA format
  • Include work cited page
  • Cite all sources
  • At least 5 sources (pick from readings and lectures listed below only)

Reminder regarding plagiarism:

Taking exact wordings from lecture slides and advancing them as your own thoughts constitutes a form of plagiarism. You may, of course, rephrase information taken from lecture slides; you may also cite or quote from lecture slides, all the while appropriately referencing the lecture and/or date that the lecture was presented. Exact quotations should be limited in number; you must express ideas in your own words.

All readings and lectures:


 Betts The Normative Terrain of the Global Refugee RegimeFile

 Week 1File

 Beyond Smoke and MirrorsFile

 Hatton Williamson ch 4 + 11File

 Topic 2 updatedFile

 Refugees part 1 2018File

 Refugees parts 1 2 revisedFile

 Escape From Violence Ch 1File

 Dustmann et al Economics Politics RefugeesFile

 Topic 4 2018File

 How ‘chain migration’ brought us the Trump White House – The Washington PostFile

 The Facts Behind the Weaponized Phrase ‘Chain Migration’ – The New York Times


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