Write an analysis of a key character in a literary work.

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Write an analysis of a key character in the literary work “We Came All the Way from Cuba so You Could Dress Like This?” (Achy Obejas, 1994). Focus on two or three key actions of that
character. Discuss the character’s motivations and decisions in terms you can support with clear
evidence from a critical reading of the text. Consider whether this character’s actions fit
together or contradict each other. You may also want to consider whether or not any other
characters in the story are aware of this conflict, and if so, how they influence the character you
are writing about.

“We Came All the Way from Cuba so You Could Dress Like This?” (Achy Obejas, 1994)
Guiding questions:

  1. To what conflicts does the title allude (social? Political? Cultural? others?)?
  2. The first-person narrator switches tenses (from present to future). How does this create
    tension in the story?
  3. How is the narrator’s internal conflict (“man v. self”) merely an internalization of
    political, familial, and social conflict?

In this assignment, you will write a 4-5 page essay developing your argument.

In your paper,

  • Create a detailed introduction that contains a thesis that offers a debatable claim based on one of the prompts on the list.
  • Apply critical thought by analyzing “We Came All the Way from Cuba so You Could Dress Like This?” (Achy Obejas, 1994). Avoid summary and personal reflection.
  • Develop body paragraphs that contain clear topic sentences and examples that support the argument.
  • Write a conclusion that reaffirms the thesis statement and includes a summary of the key ideas in essay.
  • Apply your knowledge of literary elements and other concepts in your response to the prompt.
  • Incorporate research from the primary and secondary sources.
  • The literary analysis should be organized around your rough draft and thesis statement. Your thesis is the controlling idea of the entire essay.

It is important to understand that some conflicts in literature might not always be obvious. Considering how an author addresses conflict via literary techniques can reveal other more complex conflicts or different kinds of conflicts that interact in multiple ways. Analyzing those more complicated elements can help you discover what literature represents about the human experience and condition. With this in mind, consider that your thesis might be a claim about how conflict is represented in a work, whether through character, setting, or tone. This is not a personal reflection on conflict in general or a conflict you face but an analysis of how literary elements are used to express a conflict in a given literary work—in this case, a short story.


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