write about video game masculinity

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ENG 99 Masculinity Prompt

For this argumentative essay you may discuss any issue about masculinity inspired by the film,

reading, or class discussion. Your topic must have multiple opinions and it must be supported

with evidence. This topic cannot be something most people already agree with. This topic must

allow you to have an argument and solution. You must include a solution to the issue you


You must first explain what the issue is. What is the topic? What are people’s opinions about it?

Why did you choose this topic? In order to be clear about the multiple sides/opinions that are

often taken on this issue, you must demonstrate what the current academic conversation is. You

will do this by bringing in academic sources into a context paragraph. Also discuss the

significance of this issue/problem. Convince your reader that this is a problem that needs


What will be your call to action? Should schools implement a new program? Should society

change its way of thinking about ___? If so, how do you propose to change this perspective?

You must have a chosen side on the topic and

a clear argument.

Your goal is to sway your reader. What do you want your reader to do? How should your reader

reconsider this issue in the future after reading your essay?

Paper Requirements:

MLA format (including works cited page)

You must have at least four outside sources (You may use the film (The mask you live in documentary) and the given reading (bros before hos the guy code by michael kimmel) as sources.

This paper must be 4-6 pages


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