write a research for Encryption and security information

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the requerment :

For CS890BN students, students will select a topic related to Cryptography and Network/Data Security, read multiple academic research papers (e.g., conference proceeding papers, academic research journals) in that topic and by their own choice, and then write a project report in regular paper format. The report at the quality potentially can be accepted and published by a conference proceeding or research journal will receive high project marks and may also receive extra bonus marks in this class.

In the project report, it expect students to explain what they learnt from the academic research papers (CS890BN) or the research papers, articles, white papers and/or books (CS435) by using their own words, explain their finding and thoughts, especially new proposals and/or something new. Further than that, it expects CS890BN students to propose new ideas, such as issue(s) and/or problem(s) they find from others work, improvement and enhancement they can think and propose, new solution(s), new method(s), new application(s), etc. Review report is also acceptable, but still need to have your own findings, thoughts, proposals, and/or something new.

Reference and citation is required, at least you will list the academic research papers (for CS890BN students) and the research papers, articles, white papers, and/or books you read (for CS435 students). Copy directly from others work is not allowed and at least you should use your own words to explain. Citation is also important and required. Please note, a project for another and/or previous course, school program or employment assignments cannot be reused to submit as a project to this course. It expects the student to do a project specifically for this course.

the reference should be at least 5

the writting should be at least 10 pages (without reference)


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