Write a five pages paper about Tencent

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Paper Instructions

  • Examine your chosen company’s relationship with United States culture. How does this company portray itself to society? How is this company perceived in society, by individuals and the media? What major changes has this company made to alter their public persona from the start of the company to present day?
  • Pick another country this company operates in. Identify and examine three major differences regarding (1) marketing slogans or strategies, (2) differences in product lines, and (3) public perceptions of the company. (1) (2) and (3) should all be included in your paper.
  • Pick a country the company does not operate in. Identify and examine three changes the company would have to make in regards to (1) marketing, (2) product lines, and (3) social involvement within the local community to be successful in your chosen country.
  • Minimum ten pages, refer to syllabus for other requirements, 5 sources, cite throughout, 2 visits to writing center, Parts of paper include a) proposal b) rough draft c) final d) presentation

EX. McDonalds- (You can’t use McDonalds)

  • How does it portray itself, perceived, individuals and the media- ads, commercials, discuss my own personal dining experience and my drive thru experience. How it used to just be a drive thru, then family friendly, they coffee shop with wifi hot spots, then back to playsets. Also discussion of changing audiences- families, college students, kids, elderly- who is the target audience
  • 2/3 of revenue is outside the US, India-beef based- – 1) no lettuce supply chain in India, used cabbage so McDonalds had to start one2) no beef or pork in respect to religion- half of population is vegetarian, – chk maharajah mac-alootikki burger made of mashed potatoes, peas and flavored with Indian Spices 3)localized things, every part of the burger comes locally to reassure the people it is an ok place to eat.2003 3 out of 100 meals eaten out, now 2014 9-10 times out of 100 meals
  • 2013-105 countries without a McDonalds- Yemen? 1) marketing- would have to change the persona of an American restaurant- do not look favorably on the US or its interventions into Yemen, eating there would go against their feelings of nationalism 2) food is too expensive with their high unemployment rate and ruined economy- would have to lower the cost significantly for the clientele 3) refer back to marketing, also maybe a change in the religious conflicts would be necessary.

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