Write a business plan

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The Title about the business plan is ( Waste sorting and primary recycling in Saudi Arabia) the business plan should consider how we should use the right mechanism to sort the waste to different segment such as ( plastic, paper, Aluminum, iron, …etc) and how we can sell the raw marital after we collected.

what kind of primary recycling we should do if it just ( shredder the plastic and clean and turn it to small pills ) and do like this to the other matiral or not if it’s not profitable.

the business plan must have the following:

  • Executive Summary:
  • Business Discerption:
  • Business Project Description:
  • Business Environmental Analysis.
  • Industry Background:
  • Market Analysis:
  • Marketing Plan:
  • Operating Plan:
  • Management Plan:
  • Financial Plan:
  • Business Concept & Mission Statement.
  • Operating Plan Summary.
  • Marketing Plan Summary.
  • Financial Plan Summary.
  • What is your Business Project (Business Idea & Identification)?
  • The purpose of your business project.
  • What will be your product(s)?
  • Your products’ market.
  • Who is your customers?
  • What information you need.
  • Industry Description.
  • Industry Competition.
  • Industry Development and Growth.
  • Describe and Define Your Target Market.
  • Estimating your market share (expected sales) or demand for your product.
  • Using your marketing plan as a road map.
  • Developing your marketing plan.
  • Defining your marketing mix.
  • Location.
  • Operation Procedures.
  • Facilities and Layouts.
  • Purchasing and Distribution.
  • Inventory Management and Control.
  • Quality Control and Customer Service.
  • Determining breakeven point.
  • Managerial structure of your business
  • Describing your team members’ qualifications and experiences.
  • Introducing the team as a unit.
  • Specifying your business capital requirements
  • Providing financial projections in professional ways.
  • Conducting breakeven analysis for sales
  • Assessing risks and rewards
  • Anticipating financial returns.

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