write a 2 page biographical sketch of one of these psychologist

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Project 2 Influential Psychologist

The perspectives in psychology are integrally linked with certain personalities in the field (e.g., Piaget with the cognitive perspective and Freud with the psychodynamic perspective). For this project, students should access the following website that lists the 10 most influential psychologists of the twentieth century:

10 Influential Psychologists (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Choose one of these psychologists and write a two-page biographical sketch of the individual. You should explain which perspective(s) he or she is connected to and why that individual in particular was chosen.

I expect well written and well thought out work. Please be sure to follow the formatting guidelines below:

  • APA Format
  • APA Title Page (No Abstract is needed)
  • 12 point Times New Roman Font
  • Double Spaced
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • 2 full pages content
  • Minimum of 2 scholarly resources. Review Chapter 1 :credibility of Sources assignment if needed.
  • APA Citations and References Required.

Your paper must include a reference section (last page) and INTERNAL CITATIONS. If you do not have an APA reference page or internal citations, you WILL receive a ZERO, because you have plagiarized!!! When using other people’s thoughts, ideas and/or words you must give them credit (i.e. citations and references section). Plagiarism will not be tolerated and you will receive a zero for the assignment. When in doubt—cite.


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