Write a 175 words responses to the question

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1. better read all the model, it is pretty short. and focus on the right one to write 175 words.

2. do not submit, please send it to me first, i will take a long and then I will submit it

3. also response to two other classmate. 25 words each

4. it is model 10: the topic of the week 10.

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6. also make it looks like a college level writing.

the question is:

Topic of the Week: Module 10

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Please read this week’s module and associated reading in your text.

Topic of the Week:

The Holocaust is one of the most, if not the most, documented events in history. Documentation includes eye witness accounts, photos, documentaries made by interviewing survivors, recorded accounts of survivors and soldiers, remaining concentration camps turned museums/memorials, and the extensive, detailed extermination records of Holocaust victims, recorded by the Germans themselves, at the time.

Why do you think Holocaust denial is still so prevalent today, in spite of all this data? How is this belief a form of racism?

To get full credit for this forum:

  1. In 175 words or more answer the questions above.
  2. Incorporate a discussion of why this event is denied by some.
  3. How does this denial perpetuate racism?
  4. Cite your references.
  5. Post your finalized answer by clicking Reply and then Post.
  6. Now comment on the posts of two other students using 25 words or more per comment.

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