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Your follow-up presentation has convinced Matt Bacchus (reluctantly) that, in the long run, his company will benefit from having your firm perform a careful analysis of its needs. He and the other senior managers have asked you to begin the fact-finding process. You have asked for a week to plan your approach, and Conrad and Matt have agreed to make their staff available to you beginning a week from today. In a telephone conversation they inform you that their staff will assist in any process you deem necessary, though they ask you to consider their need to continue production while the analysis proceeds.


  1. Prepare a document describing the three fact-finding exercises you think will be most useful for your client’s situation.
  2. Support your document by developing a plan for each exercise – the agenda for a JRP, the questions for a questionnaire or an interview, a plan for document sampling, a schedule for the observation of the work environment, etc.


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