Workshop Exercise on Asia

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Submit a summary of two main articles and using one section of the video module watched. Your submission must not be more 1 page.

How would you address these questions:

  1. In short sentences,
    1. What are the article(s) about? What is the problem identified in each article? What are the opportunities?
    2. Are there any international trade barriers, or policies mentioned in the article(s)?
    3. What are the implications of the information you now have on international businesses? How does it affect businesses going global?
  2. Using any two of the topics we have discussed in class till date, suggest how the concepts from class if used impact, influence or disrupt the situation identified in the article?
  3. How will you relate all articles, the section of the video module, including all relevant information learned to help your group project’s company achieve its company’s goals?

Video link:…

Articles link:……………

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