“Woman in Art” Respond to the following using sources under the Explore heading

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Select two (2) paintings depicting females by both a male artists and female artist named with the Explore section. Compare and contrast these two (2) depictions of women, and comment on any general tendencies that you detect among artists of that era in this respect. Compare this situation in the late 1800’s to the way females are depicted in our own modern times, using at least one (1) specific example. Explore Chapters 31 and 32 of The Humanities Culture, Continuity & Change Third Edition by Henry M. Sayre Volume II 1600 to Present, depictions of woman by males artists Manet, Degas, Dewing, Eakins and by female artists Cassatt, Morisot, Haudecort-Lescot, Sara M. Peale National Museum of Woman in the Arts at http://www.nmwa.org/explore/collection-highlights/… National Gallery of Art (search by artist name) at http://ww.naga.gov/content/ngaweb/Collection/artis…


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