Widgets in China

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You are in charge of the HRM team of Widgets, a UK based manufacturing company which is about to transfer production to a facility in China. You have been asked to investigate the HRM implications of the decision and present critically a well-written report to the senior management team.


  • Define National Business systems (NBSs) (5%)
  • Compare the NBSs of UK and China and explain the reasons for the diffrences between the two different NBS. Provide examples to illustrate your points (20%)

Q. 2. Using cultural and institutional theories critically analyse :

  • The potential impact of any cultural differences between home and host nations in respect of how people expect to be managed; whether key appointments are to be filled locally, globally or by expatriates (20%)

Your recommended approach in terms of standardising or localising HRM practices. (15%)

Importent nots:

– 2500 world


– Not less than 15 Harvard style referencing and citation in each paragraph.

– Follow the GUIDANCE mentioned in the attachment.


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