Why are food parasites a promblem in the United States

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This is a layout given by the professor for the essay and the main purpose is to state why Food parasites are a promblem in unites states. Explain why and give soulutions

Here is the rubric that will be used to score your Solution paper:


6 points

Introduction/Thesis and Conclusion: Introduction defines topic and provides background on the topic. The introduction includes a clear and assertive thesis statement which presents a claim that asserts a solution. The conclusion brings closure to the essay in a strong and thoughtful manner.

10 points

Body Paragraphs/Support:
Consequences of the problem are clearly presented and explained.
Causes behind the problem are adequately explored.
Counterarguments are presented and responded to in a manner that furthers overall argument.
Solution is clearly explained and presented in a convincing manner.
All elements of the papers work together to convince the reader of the need for a solution and the potential of the proposed solution.

4 points

MLA Citation/Formatting/Overall Revision: All in-text citations are properly formatted in accordance with MLA guidelines. The Works Cited page is complete and properly formatted. The paper is thoroughly revised and avoids grammar, spelling, and formatting errors.


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