What is the stereochemical formula for these molecules? CHEMISTRY 20

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Chemistry 20: Module 1: Lesson 211AssignmentLESSON 2 – MOLECULAR SHAPES AND VSEPR THEORYTry This: Using VSEPR Theory to Predict Molecular ShapeIn Chemistry 20 molecule shape focuses on the arrangement of atoms around central atoms. As youmolecule’s shape.will learn in this activity, the presence of bond pairs as well as lone pairs of electrons influences aTo complete this activity you will need to be familiar with the following electron pair arrangements andthe shapes that result.LinearAngularTetrahedrTrigonalPyramidalTrigonal PlanarComplete the following table as you work through the activity.MoleculeLewisBond Lone TotalElectron PairStereochemicalFormulaPairs |Pairs PairsArrangementFormula (3-D(shape)representation)berylliumH : Be : H22Lineardihydride, BeH20boron trihydride,H: B: HTrigonalBH3H33planarHmethane, CH4H : C: H410 4tetrahedronHammonia, NH3H : N : H3 1 4trigonalHPyramidalwater, H20224tetrahedronlH: O: H


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