What Great Lake did the Erie Canal connect to the Atlantic Ocean?, assignment help

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i need it less than 10 hours

i have an assignment that is an video to see and there is an 7 question

i need them short answers ( about four sentence maximum )

this is the video https://youtu.be/d31btbGNgx8 it is 45 minutes

the questions

1- what Great Lake did the Eire Canal connect to the Atlantic Ocean ?

2- how long was the original Eire Canal?

3- how do you make water flow uphill?

4- Approximately. How many laborers did it take to build?

why were urban laborers preferred to local farmers?

5- what powered the movement of Canal boats up down the Canal ?

6-what were some of the arguments against the Eire Canal ( Marhet Reuclutien )

7- what brought about the end of the Canal’s dominance of New York’s transportation requirement ?


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