What are some long-term effects of child abuse and neglect?

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What are some long-term effects of child abuse and neglect?

a) research, b) analyze information, and c) evaluate answers to the question above. Provide least two prominent psychological theoretical perspectives that we have studied in Psychology course: biological, evolutionary, cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, sociocultural, and humanistic.

Please document the information in the form of essay (APA style with citation of each provided source)

Steps to assignment completion:

1. Identify and explain your question of interest regarding human behavior. Why is this of interest to you? Why is this question important?

2. Select (and describe) two prominent psychological theoretical perspectives which address the question. Then do some research and identify at least two sources for each perspective which address the question. These sources should be written by professionals who have expertise in the subject. (For example, newspaper articles written by reporters wouldn’t qualify; the reporters are just writing a story based on what others have told them, not on the basis of their own knowledge or research.)

3. Using the information from these sources, thoroughly explain how a psychologist working within each perspective views the issue, and how she or he would try to answer the question. (Document your sources in APA style. YOU SHOULD BE SURE YOUR IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCE PAGE ARE DONE IN APA STYLE.)

4. Evaluate the information you’ve described and form conclusions: Do you agree with either, both, or neither of your two chosen perspectives in the way they answer your chosen question? Explain why you agree or disagree. Support your position with evidence you have collected from your sources. How do your conclusions impact you? How are your conclusions important for you?

5. Evaluate the information and form conclusions: What implications or impact do your conclusions have for psychologists and society at large? (For example, does what you have concluded suggest different areas for psychologists to investigate or study? Could what you have concluded be used to help society at large, or do your conclusions suggest dangers or warning for society? What might be the economic, political, social, or educational implications of what you’ve concluded?)

Thank You (:


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