West Virginia University Homeostasis Health Discussion

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1-This week, we are examining how reflexes are involved in maintaining homeostasis. Please select one of the reflex tests performed in the lab and, in your own words, explain 1) why a doctor performs this test, 2) what an abnormal lab work looks like, and 3) what that abnormal lab work means

-2In the excerpts from Gary Taubes book, he discusses how folks at the lowest paying jobs are more likely to be overweight for several reasons even though these jobs usually involve long hours of physical labor. It is important to acknowledge that minimum wage jobs usually don’t cover the cost of living, especially for families, and government assistance like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are necessary. The average SNAP benefit is approximately $129 a month per household member, although it is increased for individuals significantly below the poverty line. Since each month has 4 weeks, this breaks down to $32.25 a week for food. For the discussion this week, I would like you to attempt to put together a grocery list for 1 week with the following attributes: 2-3 meals per day, as healthy as possible using the weekly SNAP benefit. Please provide a short description of what you would purchase and the pricing of the foods or meals that you could afford. Keep in mind that Taubes correctly indicates that diets with excess carbohydrates, especially simple carbs like high fructose corn syrup, are contributing to the rise in obesity that we are observing around the world. Your goal is to avoid the excess sugar and carbohydrates seen in overly processed foods.

3-After tracking your food choices for 3 consecutive days, please answer the following questions:

1) How did your food intake compare to the recommended targets?

2) In what areas does your diet align with the recommended targets, and where do you see room for improvement?

3) Using specific food examples, is there anything you think you should cut out or increase in your diet?

3-Individuals that are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (both Type 1 and Type 2) have a difficult time controlling blood glucose levels. One of the measurements that a physician uses is the HbA1c. In your own words, explain what this is a measure of and how a medical provider uses this information.


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