West Virginia University Biology Discussion

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1-Describe a biofeedback program for “stress management.” Include details such as the physiological variable(s) you would measure, the transducers needed, and your criterion for a successful training program. You may find the videos on biofeedback helpful in answering this question.

2- Please be sure to indicate how you performed your experiment and what your experimental results looked like. You want to make sure that your description provides all of the important details that would allow a classmate to repeat it exactly as you did

3- This week, I would like you to think about your own vital signs at rest. If you know your vital signs, do you think that they fall into normal ranges? If not, are there any strategies that you might consider to bring them into a normal range?

4-This week we are examining the ECG and you have been provided several examples of normal ECG recordings. Please look up an abnormal recording and, in your own words, explain what is happening.

5-One of the more common reasons that I hear for people opting out of vaccines is that it makes them sick. While I don’t doubt that a vaccine can make us uncomfortable, getting the influenza vaccine does not cause someone to acquire that strain of influenza. For the discussion this week, I would like you to develop a blog that should be 2 or more paragraphs in length. Please base any information off of actual science and not questionable sources such as Dr. Oz or Gweneth Paltrow’s health forum. I would like you to explain, in your own words, the following:

1) Why do new strains of the flu emerge every year? In other words, why is it necessary to get a new flu vaccine every year?

2) Why do some people feel sick after receiving a vaccine? From a human biology point of view, what is causing this?

6- For discussion this week, please explain how you would use an EMG in your own words. In other words, you might want to discuss how you would use it to assist with physical therapy or a medical diagnoses or strength training.


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