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My theory is Variations in the Transitions to Adulthood on page 481 . I will upload it below, it must look exactly like the example theory that going to be upload.

  1. Name one concept, theory, or research finding that you learned from
    this week’s reading. You are to provide the page number from where you
    retrieved this information. (.25 x 2 = .5)
  1. Provide a background of the theory/concept, covering the name of
    theory, theorist, or concept, and what the theory says about human
    development or behavior. (.25)
  1. Describe an illustrative example of this theory concept in everyday
    life. The illustrative example should provide sufficient detail and link
    your example to specific course concepts. Use examples from your
    personal experiences, informal observations of those around you, or the
    media. (.25)
  1. In Chapter 15 we are introduced to Young and Middle Adulthood. We
    are aware that our life expectancy has increased due to modern medicine,
    and modern medicine has the potential to be a stabilizer regarding some
    chronic illnesses. As our text states:

“Heart disease is the number one cause of death in high –income and
lower-middle-income countries and cerebrovascular disease (stroke), is
the number two leading cause of death. In upper middle income countries
stroke is the number one cause of death, followed by heart disease as
the second leading cause of death. In low-income countries lower
respiratory infection (pneumonia) is the number one cause, followed by
HIV/AIDS. This data indicates that chronic illness is the major cause of
death in high-income and middle-income countries, but infectious
diseases continue to be a major challenge in less affluent nations.
Death is not the only outcome of chronic illness. Chronic disease often
has a slow course and involves some level of disability over a number of
years” (page 485).

After reading the article relating to Governor Lamm’s thoughts on dying, address the following:

GOV. LAMM ASSERTS ELDERLY, IF VERY ILL, HAVE ‘DUTY TO DIE … (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


  1. Express your thoughts on his statements regarding what the “elderly’s responsibility is”.
  2. Express your thoughts on his statement regarding the cost of treatment and the nations economic health.

Make sure your responses are not weak! Give me depth! (2 points)

  1. Comment consisting of at least 50 words to a peer blog. (1 point)

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