Week 9 Discussion Nature vs. Nurture, psychology homework help

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Nature vs. Nurture

In this discussion, we will focus on the longstanding and ongoing debate of “nature vs. nurture.” Nature is known as “heredity” and is based on biological structures and processes. “Heredity refers to the biological transmission of traits that have evolved from generation to generation” (Morris & Maisto, 2014). Nurture is known as “environment” and is defined as the sum of the environmental factors that influence development.

Researchers are interested in determining if nature or nurture has more of an influence on behavior. Some researchers believe genes have the strongest influence on human development. Others believe your environment, such as your family, city, culture, and religion, have a stronger influence on your development. Experts agree that a combination of both nature and nurture influence development, but they disagree on which one plays a larger role.

Do you think your genetic makeup (nature) or the environment in which you were raised (nurture) has influenced your development more? Consider the following in formulating your response: Think of a particular characteristic of your own family, for example: their artistic ability, humor, extraversion, and so forth. Can you describe the relative(s), living or dead, who also possess this characteristic? What is the likelihood that the trait you are describing is genetically influenced? What might be the relative contributions of genetics versus environment? How might genetics and environment interact to produce this trait? How many family members do not possess the characteristic?

minimum of 14 complete sentences for this assignment


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