Week 4 assignment redo

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Assessment Description

Students demonstrate a range of typical and atypical social behaviors and emotions.

Therefore, it is important for teachers to understand key aspects of social and emotional development that affect childhood through adolescence.

For this assignment, write a 500-750 word report of current behaviors or events occurring in a format known as a brief. The brief is written to keep student’s parents or guardians abreast of their child’s progress, and to highlight specific support systems in place within the classroom and school for the student.

Review the case study in the “Social and Emotional Development Parent Case Study and Brief” and complete the brief.

The key to this assignment is to keep your audience, parents and guardians, in mind, demonstrate compassion and care, and communicate effectively to maximize comprehension.

Support your findings with 2-4 scholarly resources.

Social and Emotional Development Parent Brief Case Study and Template

Case Study

Micah is a student in your class who has difficulty forming lasting bonds with his classmates, rendering partner or group activities and class events a challenge. It appears that Micah might struggle with insecure attachment issues. He also demonstrates a sharp, reactionary temperament that causes his peers frustration and leads Micah to attribute classroom problems to his peers’ actions and behaviors rather than his own actions and behaviors. Micah also shows an inability to self-regulate when asked to start or stop in-class activities. In one-on-one settings, Micah is playful and attentive to your teaching. It occurs to you that he might need goal-setting measures, as well as other specific instructional support from you and from other staff in the school.

Use the following brief format to write to Micah’s parents to keep them abreast of their child’s progress and to highlight specific support systems in place within the classroom and larger school for the student:

Summary detailing specific student behaviors and interactions (50-100 words):

Concerns regarding student behaviors and interactions (including temperament, self-regulation abilities, and attribution patterns) (150-200 words):

Proposed adaptations (including a list of achievement goals and specific instructional support) to support the specified concerns regarding temperament, self-regulation abilities, attribution patterns, and any others to support student flourishing (200-300 words):

Rationale for solutions (100-150 words):

Three references cited in APA style:

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© 2018 Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.


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