Week 11 Discussion 1

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Discussion 1: Communicating Correctional Policy Implications

This week, you communicate the correctional policy implications put
forth in this class to another person. To do so, you will have to take
some time to summarize your thoughts about the course material and think
about ways to effectively communicate these concepts. Think carefully
about who you will approach and how to begin the conversation. It is
important to consider how the individual you choose may react. Also,
consider how to effectively deal with their questions and thoughts about
the complex reality of corrections and the proposed approach to

For this Discussion, you complete this conversation and then share the experience in this week’s post.

  • Find someone who is not familiar with the focus on this course: this person can be a family member, colleague, or friend.
  • Explain the correctional policy implications in this week’s
    Learning Resources to them. Pay particular attention to their reaction
    and any clarifying questions they ask.
  • Reflect on your experience, and think about what you learned from explaining these correctional policy implications to someone.
  • Consider whether you would explain the concepts covered in this
    course differently next time. Could you emphasize different aspects of
    correctional policy instead of others? Do you think, based on the
    person’s reaction, that his or her community would implement the
    policies you have put forth to them?

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3: Post a brief
description of the explanation of correctional policy implications that
you used for this week’s discussion with the individual you selected.
Describe the person you selected and their reaction. Finally, describe
any communication difficulties you had in preparing for this final
discussion and any insights you gained.


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