Ways of GrievingNo one is born with an instinctual knowledge of how to grieve

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Ways of Grieving

No one is born with an instinctual knowledge of how to grieve; our grieving processes are initially shaped by the society in which we live. Within our society, a broad range of religious, philosophical, and ethnic groups also serve to determine how we respond to loss and grieving.

To complete this discussion, choose one of the two topics listed below to examine:

  • A comparison of the bereavement and grieving processes of children and adults.
  • A comparison of the grieving processes of two different cultures.

Use information from scholarly articles or other professional resources to help you explain the grieving processes for the two populations you selected. Respond to the following prompts:

  • What are the similarities and differences in how they grieve?
  • If you selected children and adults, describe how cognitive and psychosocial development levels influence the grieving process.
  • If you selected two cultures, describe how cultural beliefs and traditions play a role in the grieving process.

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