Watch 16 Minute Video on Jeremy Bentham/Discuss the video in 2 parts

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Watch the video (will be uploaded in the comments once tutor selected) on Jeremy Bentham and learn the difference between the facts and myths about him.

Complete both part A and B below.

A) Discuss Bentham’s ideas presented in this video. What do you think life would be like today had his ideas never have been exposed to the world? What would be similar about life, and what would be different?

.B) Choose which of the major ethical systems most closely matches your personal views, and explain how you arrived at this choice. Is this ethical system absolute, or is there a “situational” exception to the rule? Make sure to relate this idea to what you perceive as good according to your own values and the guidelines identified in the chapter. Select another system and complete an ethical pyramaid for the following ethical dilemma.

You are a manager of a retail store. You are given permission by the owner of the store to hire a fellow classmate to help out. One day you see the classmate take some clothing from the store. When confronted by you, the peer laughs it off and says the owner is insured, no one is hurt, and it was under $100. “Besides,” says your acquaintance, “friends stick together, right?” What would you do?

Remember to include:

Situation, Rules, Ethical System

Resources: only the video provided.


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