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Assignment/Project: Chapter 12

Title: Cost – Quality – Access Analysis

Task: After reading chapter 12 in the textbook, Identify three to five changes (can be the same from chapters 5 and 6 assignment) in the health industry and following the instructions for the Cost-Quality-Access File. Use the Thought Worksheet to answer the questions on the worksheet. Did your views or ideas change from previous chapter assignments?

Basic: Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the files, Chapter 12 Cost Quality and Access Analysis Model Assistant.xls and the Chapter 12 Thought Worksheet

Step 2. Identify three to five changes in the healthcare industry. Complete the Thought Worksheet using the Chapter 5 Cost Quality and Access Analysis Model Assistant.xls file

This working model can be used with the Thought Worksheet (MS Word File) in assignments.

Objectives: The student should be able to…

  1. Demonstrate and explain the dynamics of change in healthcare considering cost, quality and access.
  2. Determine sources for Situational Assessment and Environmental Scanning using Macro and Micro Environmental Forces.
  3. Discuss the perspectives of healthcare industry stakeholders within the analysis of change.
  4. Analyze multiple change factors and the impact on the healthcare industry considering cost, quality and access.
  5. Synthesize and discuss the impact of multiple factors of change on the industry.

Prerequisite Content Required to use this model and Thought Worksheet:

  1. Overview of the impact and interaction of Cost, Quality and Access on healthcare delivery.
  2. Overview of the differing perspectives of stakeholders in the healthcare industry.
  3. Overview of the uninsured and underinsured within the United States.
  4. Overview of the per capita cost of care.
  5. Update the following in the model:
    1. Population number: go to www.census.gov on top right of web page, copy and paste population number in top right of ‘Model Input’ page of model
    2. Per Capital Cost of Care: do a meta-search on the world wide web to find several sources, you can easily find 5 sources, throw out the highest and lowest figures and take the mean of the middle three figures.
    3. Percent of Uninsured: use the same process as b above.

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