Walden University Biology BioFeedback Discussion

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1) Schwartz & Andrasik (2016) define biofeedback as a method that teaches subjects to control bodily functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, HRV, body temperature, skin resistance, muscle tension, and brain waves. What are the long-term health implications of biofeedback wellness therapies regarding relaxation and behavioral modification? Note any safety management considerations.

2)What triggers a stress response in humans? How do humans present when they are overcome with stress? Does stress affect the body long term? Prioritize a list of disease processes that can be mitigated by calming the mind.

3)Dr. Drouin refers to Pro-Consciousness Medicine as a medicine with awareness. Evaluate the effectiveness of biofeedback therapies to raise awareness of the mind-body connection within conventional medicine objectivity.

4)Stress builds as life goes on; we become accustomed to muscle tension and lose the awareness of feeling relaxed. Myographic feedback can improve client awareness of tension. Generate a list of clinical goals regarding tension relief using biofeedback training, and prioritize these goals from a long-life perspective.

5)Cardiac variability among clients can be improved with resonant frequency biofeedback training. Discuss three strategies to increase heart rate variability and the rationales for using each.


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