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If you were to create an artistic masterpiece of social or political protest, what would it look like?

In this assignment, you will pick a social, environmental, or political theme.
Keeping the theme in mind, imagine what medium and style of art you would use to create an original work based on the theme.

  • Define how you would use the Elements of Art – line, value, color, shape, and texture to create your work.
  • Imagine the medium, colors, forms, and finished product, and then describe it in about one page of writing.

For example, maybe you would create a sculpture, drawing, poster,
animated film, or painting that draws attention to an issue like world
hunger, the plight of children in war-torn countries, or the effects of
what some scientists acknowledge as global warming.

Be specific so your artwork comes to life for the reader. You
might choose to do some sketches of the imagined work to help clarify
the form, though you will not submit the sketches, only the writing.

Length: one-page; 12 point font; double spaced; title centered.

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