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I want you to watch this video and answer the questions. (…)

  1. Buddhism, is the _______________ largest religion in the world today with 360 Million adherents.
  2. ________(T/F) Thailand has the highest proportion, over 95%, of Buddhists of any other country.
  3. The ___________noble truths are at the heart of the teachings of Buddha.
  4. _______ (T/F) Right Effort is one approach of the noble eight-fold path.
  5. Buddhism adopted the law of __________ from Hinduism.
  6. _________(T/F) Reincarnation is another example of a doctrine that originated among Hindus.
  7. _________(T/F) Buddhist teachings were compiled into a large book called the Tripitaka.
  8. ________ Sutra, said to have been written by the Buddha around the time of his death.
  9. _________ are religious shrines for Buddhists.
  10. There are two schools of Buddhism: Theravada and Mahayana._________(T/F)
  11. Buddhist teachings were written in Pali, an ancient language which is closely related to the language the Buddha spoke._______(T/F)
  12. The Eight-Fold Path is the fourth of the Four Noble Truths.______(T/F)
  13. The belief in many bodhisattvas is perhaps one of the main things that distinguishes Mahayana from Theravada Buddhism. ________(T/F)
  1. ______are holy beings who seek to use their spiritual knowledge to help others to become enlightened.
  2. This main Buddhist festival, Buddha Day, takes place at the end of May or the beginning of June. _____________

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