Value Conflict Self-Assessment

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One of the objectives of this assignment is to examine the ethical value systems that are basic to the health and human service fields. We all have our own unique set of values that we bring to any situation. Understanding how your values might impact an interaction is an important part of being a good case manager.

In Chapter 2 (Page 42), there is a self-assessment exercise. I would like for you to complete this assessment. You do not have to provide your answers to me in your paper but provide enough information about the assessment to let me know your completed it. Once the assessment has been completed, and write a 500-750 word paper:

  • Provide some reflection about what you learned from your results, and how you think this might impact your ability to work with clients in the Human Services field.
  • Discuss your own value conflicts and how you would compensate for those conflicts in order to motivate people to use their individual rights as a client.

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