User Interview Report

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User interview:

student will be required to interview a user. Not just any user, but either an
older user (50 or older), or a user with a disability. This person cannot be a
computer professional, or have a degree in computing. You should use the
following five questions as a basis for your interview:

do you use computers or technology in your daily life?

do you like about the technologies that you use?

problems do you have related to technology usage?

you have a problem with your technology, how do you usually respond?

would you like to be using technology 10 years from now?

might also want to watch the user, utilizing a technology. You should submit a
final report, which is approx. 10 pages long, and describes your interview with
them. You can also add your own thoughts and perceptions. This is a reflection
paper, not a research paper, so no references are required.

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