UPS and FedEx Case Study

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Success for a company comes in many different forms. It could be the bottom line, expanding market share, or pushing the boundaries of sustainability.

Using the FedEx and UPS Documentary case study video and your own research, analyze the effect that either UPS or FedEx has had on the modern economy. Two group members will analyze one company, and two will analyze the other. Collaborate as a group to decide who will research which company.

When you are finished with your research, list and explain at least two effects that the company has had on the economy. Focusing on the company you chose to analyze, do you think it is positioned to remain an industry leader, or will it become stagnant? Explain your reasoning.

In your responses to your peers, state whether you agree or disagree with your peers’ evaluation of the company they chose to analyze. If you analyzed the same company, what similarities do your analyses share? On what points to do your analyses diverge? How are UPS and FedEx similar? How do the two companies differ? This should be an in-depth discussion about the current and future status of both companies. Explain your reasoning.

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