UP Biological Foundations in Psychology The Human Processor Pamphlet

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The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord, and the brain is made up of many different anatomical parts that each have a specific role and function in biology and behavior. To explore this system more in-depth, you will identify the function of the different areas of the brain, including neurons and neurotransmitters.  
Imagine you are working for a neurological research center, and the staff needs additional reading material for their waiting room. You’ve been asked to create a pamphlet to explain the function of the different parts of the central nervous system.
Create a 700- to 1,050-word pamphlet with pictures and graphics in which you: 

Describe the function of the different parts of the brain, including: 

  1. The 4 lobes of the cerebral cortex

The different pieces of the limbic system

The areas within the midbrain and hindbrain

Outline the anatomy and function of a neuron. 

Explain the role and function of at least 3 neurotransmitters.

Describe an experiential example of how the different areas of the central nervous system function together.  

Include pictures and graphics to enhance your pamphlet. 


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