Unorganized and unstandardized handoff processes, homework help

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Unorganized and unstandardized handoff processes can lead to uncoordinated care and unnecessary waste and cost. There are many different handoff process which can lead to miscommunication or lack of proper communication. Poor communication is often associated with near misses and adverse events. Most handoffs take place at a centralized nurse’s station or a conference room away from the patient. In this familiar setting many interruptions take place and confusion may occur when discussing multiple patients. The existing various handoff processes can unintentionally lead to information gaps and errors that can cause patient harm. Handoff reports lack standardization and are associated with sentential events and near misses (Taylor, 2015). Various handoff methods lead to confusion, interruptions, and poor communication techniques. One of the leading causes of serious medical errors is due to miscommunications during the handoff process which includes delayed treatment, adverse events, preventable readmissions, longer hospital stays, decreased satisfaction rates, and omissions of care which are all costly (Lim & Pajarillo, 2016).

Evidence has proven that when a structured and consistent bedside handoff procedure takes place this results in improved communication and decreased information loss. Improvements in medication errors and patient falls were witnessed when a consistent nursing handoff process was implemented to promote better communication (Taylor, 2015). Effective communication and collaboration is crucial to prevent adverse events. Communication and interdisciplinary collaboration improves patient quality of care and safety.


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