University of Texas at Arlington Mystery of The Black Death Worksheet

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1. The movie was about the Black Death. What is the real name for the disease?

2. What organism was the carrier of the disease, its bite giving you the virus?

3. What was the name of the mutation discussed?

4. What does one need to be completely immune to the Black Death (As far as the mutation

5. To what modern disease does the mutation discussed give its resistance or immunity to?

6. What percent of people were killed by the plague in europe?

7. If you got the disease, what were the chances you’d survive?

8. How does the plague “Out whit” the immune system?

9. What percent of native Africans & Asians have the Delta-32 mutation?

10. Why is Delta-32 present in America?

11. How does Delta-32 confound the plague bacteria?

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