University of Illinois at Chicago Biology Discussion

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What is “molecular obesity” and why is it a potential problem in drug discovery programs? (200 words)

The referenced article was written in November of 2007 – what has changed with the informed consent process since that time? (Please use document below for this answer)-400 words

The Maia et al. (2020) paper stresses the importance of the availability of 3D protein structures to do high quality “virtual screening”. Most of the available databases of 3D protein structures are publicly available and publicly funded. 1) Do you think that Pharmaceutical Companies should contribute to the creation and maintenance of these databases? 2) Do you think the role of CADD will increase or decrease in the future?… (250 Words)

Using the referenced hyperlink, select the perspective of a subject – does this website provide enough information for a subject to make an informed decision about participating in a clinical trial? Please provide support for your opinion. words)

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