University of Chicago Abstract About White Albino Tigers Summary

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An abstract is essentially a summary of the paper to follow. You will find abstracts before most research articles and is used as both a guide to the reader as well as a roadmap of the article ahead. When using an abstract for primary literature, the abstract will include background, the question, hypothesis, methods, results, and usually the broader context of the results. For secondary literature, or review papers, the abstract focuses more on the question or topic of the review, why it is needed, and the big take home message of the article. For your abstract, you will be providing a one paragraph summary (generally 200-300 words) of your final paper. Your abstract should include:

  1. 1)  An introduction
    1. a)  A description of the organism you chose
    2. b)  A description of the trait you chose
  2. 2)  A summary of your findings

a) Include multiple concepts covered in lecture

3) A conclusion
a) Why is this important?

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