University of California Irvine The Transition to Renewable Energy Discussion

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Part 2: PEER REVIEW (We’ll go over this in class on the Monday of Week 5):

Follow the CP Peer Review Instruction SheetPreview the document (passed out in class).

Everyone will provide feedback on two of their colleagues’ drafts, and everyone will receive feedback from two classmates on their own draft. You’ll find out your groups in class on Monday of Week 5.

Plan to spend thirty minutes per paper. I recommend setting a timer. Don’t forget to save your work!


  • Balance praise and constructive criticism.
  • Don’t be skimpy — write out full sentences and ask questions. 
  • Your job is comprehension, not evaluation: have a conversation with the text, asking questions as you read. 
  • Do not comment on grammar, typos, or spelling errors. 
  • Do not line edit within the text or make any changes to the text. Your feedback should be in the form of marginal and summary comments only. 
  • Your job as a reader is to help the writer understand how their writing is being received by their audience.

Use the questions below to guide the summary comments you make on you colleagues’ drafts:

Summary Comments Guide 

At the end of the paper (below the bibliography, copy and paste the following questions on to the page. Write your name and answer the following questions.

Reader name: [type your name here]

  1. Write down any and all questions you have as a reader. What intrigues you? What do you want to know more about?
  2. What is working well in this draft?
  3. What could be working better in this draft? Focus in particular on how this writer introduces their sources and how they structure their paragraphs. Are there any areas where a more specific signal phrase would help contextualize the source? And are there any paragraphs where the topic sentence could be revised in order to more clearly articulate the controlling idea of the paragraph? Or are there paragraphs with more than one controlling idea?
  4. Respond to any other feedback the writer requested.

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