Unit IV Essay

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You have just been hired as a compliance officer for your healthcare organization, and you have discovered that the food

services department of the organization is not in compliance with state food safety regulations for healthcare organizations.

The board of directors has requested a report from you and your team that contains an outline of the issues that have been

occurring within the food services department that have caused it to become noncompliant, a plan to bring the department

into compliance, and a description of how you and your team plan to maintain the department’s compliance in the future.

Your report should cover the following topics:

a description of the foodborne hazards that have occurred within the healthcare organization that have caused it to

become noncompliant,

why it is important for patient recovery that the food service department maintain food safety and become complaint with

state regulations,

the key elements of your compliance plan, and

the importance of internal audits and project management in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the

compliance plan.

Your report should consist of at least three pages, not including a title page and reference pages. Please be sure to use

APA formatting for all sources, including your textbook. You must use at least three sources, one of which can be your



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