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This assignment is an individual assignment.

This assignment requires you to write a 2000 word original advice to the following scenario

Following last season’s poor quality applicants and low viewing figures for his TV show “You’re Hired” where the winner of the program is appointed as CEO of his TV Production Company, Simon wants to rebrand the show and has appointed American singing star Taylor to be on the judging panel each episode and at the finale for a fee of £5,000,000. As the global popularity of singer is so high Simon knows her appearance is guaranteed to raise applications, viewing figures and advertising revenue worldwide and as a consequence has ensured the agreement with her is enforceable under English law.

By way of thanks Taylor takes Simon out to dinner and it is agreed she will pay the bill. At the restaurant Taylor orders a bottle of champagne to toast success of the new show and asks the restaurant owner to open it. Simon drinks one glass but on drinking the second a peanut floats out and as Simon has a nut allergy the residue from the peanut causes him to go into anaphylactic shock requiring an overnight stay in hospital so that he misses an interview with a national newspaper which were going to pay him £50,000.

Advise Simon

1) of the responsibilities owed to him under the tort of negligence


2 ) of any remedy that may be available to him.

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