types of crimes (discussion) 300 words

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Types of Crime

Dr. McDonald is a general practitioner who runs a medical clinic located in a low-income area in Anytown. The majority of his clientele receive government assistance—Medicaid—for medical care. The clinic runs a Saturday program directed at childhood health, where Dr. McDonald comes out and sits with all the kids for about half an hour. He doesn’t deliver medical services, but he charges the children’s insurance for office calls and various procedures.

Randy has been on unemployment since his plant shut down. In an act of desperation he walks into a crowded mall and sits in the playground section. When he sees a child distract his mother he grabs the woman’s purse and runs off with it. After this successful theft, he learns to circulate around to the different malls in his area and repeat the scenario.

Explain how the conflict perspective would explain the differential treatment of a street criminal and a white-collar criminal.


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