Two Stories with Ethical Dilemmas, business and finance homework help

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In last week’s module, you were given two stories and you had to write an ethical dilemma for each story. For this week, you need to find two business-related stories that contain an ethical dilemma. You will need to read through the business section of a newspaper or website. You should copy the link to the article, summarize the article in two or three sentences, and then write an ethical dilemma that someone in the story clearly had to make a decision about. You can use last week’s stories as an example. Remember that the ethical dilemma needs to follow the formula of “Should business person X do Y?” Please paste both of these stories into the text box for this assignment to turn them in. You can use stories from news outlets overseas or in the U.S. They can also be outlets that are related to a particular business or hobby that you are interested in for your future career.

Note–you will be able to use these stories/dilemmas for the case studies that you do for a grade, as long as I’ve ok’d the story/dilemma.

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