Turbidity Temperature pH Salinity and Dissolved Oxygen Presentation

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This assignment will be done individually. You will create and turn in a mini-presentation using Google Slides that compares the data from the three sites. Your presentation will include slides that include the following items:

1. Title slide with your name.

2. Results slides that shows the Turbidity, Temperature, pH, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen,

and Phosphate levels of the 3 sites shown in graphical format. Standard column graphs are recommended. Several may be put onto one graph and more than one graph can be on a slide.

3. Discussion slide that interprets the results and summarizes the similarities and differences between the 3 sites.

4. Conclusion slide that evaluates the impact of the farming run-off water to the Slough ecosystem.

Your slides should be easy to read and include at least three images. 


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