True or False: ______ 1. A south wind blows toward the south. ______ 2.

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True or False:

______ 1. A south wind blows toward the south.

______ 2. The concentrations of nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapour show very little variation in concentration from place to place and from time to time in the lower atmosphere.

______ 3. The second most abundant gases in the stratosphere is oxygen.

______ 4. The Earth comes closer to the Sun in July than it does in January.

______ 5. In the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the length of daylight increases each day.

______ 6. The term ‘latent’ means hidden.

______ 7. If two cities have the same mean annual temperature, then their temperatures throughout the year must be quite similar.

______ 8. One reason why water warms and cools more slowly than land is because water has a lower specific heat.

______ 9. In most areas, the warmest time of the day about 1.5 m above the ground occurs around noon.

______ 10. Hot air with a low relative humidity may actually contain more water vapour than cool air with a high relative humidity.

______ 11. When air is saturated, an increase in air temperature will cause condensation to occur.

______ 12. Valleys are less susceptible to radiation fog than are hilltops

______ 13. Air motions tend to be downward around the outside of a cumulus cloud.

______ 14. In a cloud, small droplets tend to fall faster than large droplets.

______ 15. Lumpy ice particles, also known as snow pellets, that form in a cloud usually by the process of accretion are called graupel.

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