TRS questions need for each question 2 paragraph and until you explain the important think

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i need at least 2 paragraph foe each question and make sure to not forget to write the important think in the questions

Q1) What are the creation stories? Know the basic outline of the stories told in Genesis. Be able to discuss the meaning of the story for you, and think about how the way that human beings were created impacts the person-God relationship.

Q2) know the story of Abraham, and specifically, the stories which surround the Covenant. Know why this covenant is important, what are the different parts which make it up, and why it is significant.

Q3) Know the story of the Exodus from Egypt, and be able to describe why it is important to the Jewish religion. How does the story of the Exodus relate to our own Suffering? Part this story is the Law of how does the Law of Moses fit in with the Exodus story, and why is the Law significant?

Q4) Understand how the nation of Israel was formed. Know who did it, how long it lasted, and why it fell apart.

Q5) Identify at least one prophet, and use examples from the prophet’s story in the Bible to explain why the prophet is important. What is Prophecy, and why does religion make use of it?

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