track changes and memo letter directions below cite paper please

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At the beginning of a case, many attorneys will send their clients a
“preservation letter” in order to ensure that documents which may need
to be disclosed during discovery are preserved in their original format.
Your supervising attorney may have a template letter for you to use, or
may ask you to assist with drafting such a letter, as information is
always changing in terms of the types of information needed to be
preserved. For this assignment, edit the attached preservation letter
using the track changes feature or by using an alternative font color,
so the letter will comply with the rules in your state regarding
preservation of evidence and to make the letter easily understood by a
client. Then, in a memo to your supervising attorney, Joe Smith, explain
why you made the changes you made, and the purpose behind a
preservation letter. Be sure to include a discussion about what could
happen if documents were destroyed or were not preserved.

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